CAMERON Scanner Model 2200 Flow Computer

The Scanner Model 2200 stream computer provides a weather-resistant kit that allows enough space for radio and other long distance systems, a charging unit or a DC electrical storage device, or a solar battery. The creation of a flow computer created an increasing concern for the oil and gas industry in wireless communications by the ability to lower prices to up to 50 cents.

CAMERON Scanner Model 2200 Specifications

However, standard processing technologies that rely on unprocessed information have limited possibilities of mobile integration into the software company. Our use of low-power stream machines to capture and store the main readings and calculation results in the measurement stage has altered the use of the cellular as a viable stream calculation alternative. With a combination of Scanner 2000 stream PC and cable or connected connections, operators can optimize their deployments using additional processing methods without compromising the integrity of data. For graph recorders an integrated sensor is an efficient solution for differential stress, absolute pressures and temperature measurement. A single 2200 scanner is enough to measure gas, oil and water from a two-or three-phase separator by connecting an extra flow meter.

In order to meet custody transfer applications, the Scanner Model 2200 software conforms to a range of flux measurement standards. For the benefit of price and efficient field testing, Scanner Stream machines can be installed and equipped with Cameron orifice cone meters. They can be installed also in flowmeter and automation systems, including our gas and liquid turbines and flow meters. To achieve low power estimate on a large SCADA system, use an standalone Scanner 2200 flow computer or network of scanners. Cameron Scanner 2200 is ready for installation and is available with wired and wireless configuration.