CAMERON Scanner Model 2100 Flow Computer

Cameron Scanner 2000 flow devise uses a large-scale SCADA application to estimate its power and can be used as part of a scanner network. In connected or mobile configurations and ready for installation, Scanner 2000 series computers are available.

CAMERON Scanner Model 2100 Specifications

In order to interact cost-effectively with the measurement equipment, half of the storage capacity for the 2000 laptop scanner model and additional inputs for the duct, SmartMesh ® cellular device networking consolidates the Scanner model 2100 streaming computer on a 2000 Scanner model system. The Model2100 Scanner can be operated independently for one year or more on internal lithium batteries. If internal energy is used, the lithium battery device is ready to ensure continuous assessment without any expensive power supply system. Scanner Model 2100 flow computers enable any specified or calculated quantity of a limit number to be assigned for the control of a system with an status output. If one or all of the circumstances select exceeds the limit, the output can be initiated via locking or locking instant resets (customer acceptance to reset).

Our Networking Innovation provides a cost-saving alternative for the ability to meet operational requirements of a single flow computer. Our distributive scheme provides a single unit with information for up to 22 streams and enhances data security through the deployment of a wide range of Scanner Flow PCs and a 3100 Desktop Network Manager Web-accessible Scanner. In contrast to dispersed processing systems that undermine the legitimacy of waste or retarded data calculations, Cameron’s choice is architecturally vulnerable to these risks. Each device sort and records the information on the stream during the measurement stage before giving the network supervisor a duplicate, and even if the delivery falls, it is still safe and API compatible. The scanner computers and the network driver sync lost information documents automatically if they are interrupted.