CAMERON Scanner Model 2000 Flow Computer

One of the most flexible flow monitoring instruments in the industry is the Scanner Series 2000 flow computer. On a large SCADA network, such as a flow computer, the RTU, the device control or node, each device can operate independently. The EFM Stream Model 2000 scanner in the first generation offers a secure substitution for immediate graph recorders and heat sensors.

CAMERON Scanner Model 2000 Specifications

All three Scanner 2000 stream PCs combine popular computing skills, essential lithium battery power, and easy-to-use, complete and maintenance applications. Models vary in packaging, connections, I / O capacity and field hazard. Flux instruments Series 2000 can evaluate the normal wet air, quantity and energy levels as well as the numerous petroleum and liquid shapes. All the readings are in custody and documentation that fulfill criteria such as the Sarbanes-Oxley Act is supported. This self-contained liquid recorder is a good way to scan rates. A single Scanner 2000 flow computer is sufficiently powerful to assess gas, oil and water from a two-or three-phase separator when it is fixed to an extra flowmeter

 A broad range of flow measurement standards are met with the Scanner Model 2000 software in order to meet custody transfer applications. For price advantages and effective ground tracking, scanner stream units can be installed and linked to Camero orifices metres. They also can be separately installed in flux meters and in automation systems, such as our gas, liquid and ultrasonic turbine flow meters. Scanner Series 2000 EFM computers can monitor various features, including those used for process automation exclusively, simultaneously. Compared to standard RTUs and flow systems, the Scanner Series 2000 computer offers higher quality information for process system analysis. For tracking procedures that are prone to streaming or to start-up or testing, clients can record up to 16 readings as frequently as every 5 s.