CAMERON Scanner 3100 Series Wired and Wireless

The Scanner Model 3100 Flow Computer, our most advanced flow computer, offers innovative costs and centralized computation expertise for a distributed evaluation network. The 3100 Flow Computer is an API compliant mobile stream laptop, offering cost-effectiveness and privacy information that is unparalleled in conventional technology solutions. The 3100 Flow computer provides the user a network supervisor.

CAMERON Scanner 3100 Series Specifications

The flow computer Scanner Model 3100 shows the evolution and revolution in linear flow management. The flow computer Scanning Model 3100 extends the Scanner Model 2000 series concept to include traditional automation architecture for evaluation. Just like the stream device from the Scanner Series 2000, the 3100 Stream Device Scanner can be installed on or separately for connection to a CALDON product or other basic stream detector on our water, flow meter, depth meter and pipe meter. The 3100 Scanner Model meets the requirements of 17 inputs and outputs for common industrial applications and provides a customer requirement for a flux phone, complete or substitute product, RTU or full networking capabilities.

The computer design of Scanner Model 3100 is equipped with an Ethernet connection and a simple internet interface. Users can use a laptop, tablet or smartphone to control a device, providing full freedom to local or internally monitor operations. The Gui facilitates setup and calibration and connections to the 3100 Scanner Model stream board and networked computers. Your data can be accessed through a web browser, an FTP client or a linear link. The 3100 Stream Scanner Model not only provides a daily and hourly flood amount, it also monitors and records other important features when evaluating a property or diagnosing a problem. A trap chart can be used for a case-by-case or limited evaluation to gather data that are high-resolution.