Barton Flowmeters and parts

Barton is one of the leading flowmeter manufacturers worldwide. In connection to Barton flowmeters, our company provides one of the most accurate flow meters using top quality  flowmeter parts. We ship Barton flowmeters and readers world wide with fast shipping option. Feel free to contact us via the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


Barton Flowmeters flow measurement tools

Barton flowmeter is a control instrument  of fluid process and measurement that offers accurate, repeatable flow measurement solutions. Designed to work factories, oil plantation as well as in residential areas. Barton flowmeters are able to pick up even the minor currents which requires great adaptability.

Low Maintenance

Flowmeters that can stand any pressure

With several decades of experience (and an extensive know-how in various instruments of measurement), the Barton flowmeter strengthen our ability to offer the best solutions that adapt to all situations that you can meet. The Barton flowmeter guarantees a solution outside the box and that of traditional technologies.

Barton flowmeter

High volume measuring meters

The Barton flowmeter has been designed to work on large flows. In addition, the flowmeter emits a signal at the centre which then sends to the scanner.

Easy mounting

Flowmeters at highest standards

Barton flowmeters is one of the largest flowmeter suppliers in the world. The equipment is produced with the highes standards. We are proud to supply Barton flowmeters, scanners, amplifiers and turbine metering systems worlwide. Feel free to get in touch with us via the form below.